IEEE PDCO 2022: Program of the Virtual Event
Friday June 3, 2022


IEEE PDCO 2022 will be a virtual event, this year (platform to be announced soon).

Reminder about IPDPS 2022 registration: All papers in the workshop must have one author registered. Please, note also that registration is required for all attendees in general. Please, register at

10:00 AM (CEST) – 10:05 AM (CEST), Workshop Opening
Didier El Baz, Grégoire Danoy 

10:05 AM (CEST) – 12:05 AM (CEST), Session 1

- PDCO01 Exact k-way Sparse Matrix Partitioning
  Engelina L. Jenneskens, Rob H. Bisseling

- PDCO07 On Parallel or Distributed Asynchronous Iterations with Unbounded Delays and Possible Out of Order Messages or Flexible Communication for Convex Optimization Problems and Machine Learning
Didier El Baz

- PDCO03 Parallel Minimum Spanning Tree Algorithms via Lattice Linear Predicate Detection
  David Ribeiro Alves, Vijay Kumar Garg

- PDCO04 A Local Search for Automatic Parameterization of Distributed Tree Search Algorithms
 Tiago Carneiro, Loizos Koutsantonis, Nouredine Melab, Emmanuel Kieffer, Pascal Bouvry

12:05 AM (CEST) – 1:45 PM (CEST), Lunch Break

1:45 PM (CEST) – 2:45 PM (CEST), Keynote Lecture

- Performance and Energy models for modern HPC servers
  Georges Da Costa

2:45 PM (CEST) – 3:00 PM (CEST), Break

3:00 PM (CEST) – 4:30 PM (CEST), Session 3

-  PDCO05 Parallel Bayesian Optimization for Optimal Scheduling of Underground Pumped Hydro-Energy Storage Systems
Maxime Gobert, Jan Gmys, Jean-François Toubeau, Nouredine Melab, Daniel Tuyttens, François Vallée

 - PDCO06 A Parallel Novelty Search Metaheuristic Applied to a Wildfire Prediction System
Jan Strappa, Paola Caymes Scutari, Germán Bianchini

- PDCO02 A Family of Fast Parallel Greedy Algorithms for the Steiner Forest Problem
  Laleh Ghalami, Daniel Grosu

4:30 PM (CEST) – 4:40 PM (CEST), Workshop closing
Grégoire Danoy, Didier El Baz



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